Making a lateral move? When BEST results matter.


Founded in Seattle in 1996, Legal Ease places only the highest caliber associates and equity law partners with premiere firms throughout the Western United States.

We are particularly acclaimed for our unique expertise and success with geographic relocations (attorney moves to a new city or state).  We also handle local lateral transitions.

Legal Ease fully supports the specific search goals and preferences of each attorney we work with.  This makes our job as much about ruling potential new opportunities in, for any given candidate, as it is about ruling them out.

Legal Ease never recruits or “headhunts”.  Instead, we consciously elect to work solely with attorneys who, for any number of natural personal or professional reasons, independently find themselves interested in making a lateral move.

Associates  Partners


  • Though I was a highly successful associate with a top 10 AmLaw firm, after searching for many months on my own, I was unable to find a suitable position in the new, smaller state I wanted to move to.  Within 4 weeks of contacting Legal Ease, I had interviews scheduled with 5 of the strongest law firms existing in my new locale and, ultimately, received 3 offers. -Andrew G.

  • After 4 years as an associate in a large law firm with no true work/life balance and too many difficult, unhealthy personalities, I reached out to Legal Ease hoping to lateral to a smaller, boutique type firm. I frankly did not believe culture and fit could vary in any meaningful way between one large law firm and the next.  Legal Ease lightly encouraged me to remain open to other large firms, in limited cases.  I did.  I ended up with offers from one highly regarded boutique and a very large firm.  I chose to join the large firm, happily.  My career is on track and thriving.  I enjoy my co-workers, essentially manage my own schedule and take actual vacations. -Sasha V.

  • When my husband was unexpectedly transferred from the east to the west coast by his employer, I was very concerned about leaving a high level senior associate position and making a truly successful career move to a new law firm in an unknown city.  Legal Ease orchestrated the process and strategy of my cross country search brilliantly.  The results have proved ideal. -Laura H.