Legal Ease works only with extremely well qualified associates.  All potential associate candidates must be presently employed by an AmLaw 100 or equally sophisticated smaller firm.

Legal Ease handles local lateral moves and is also particularly acclaimed for our expertise and success with the more complex and strategic situation of associate geographic relocations (a move to a new city or state).  See more on the challenges unique to geographic relocation for associates below.

Typical Reasons Associates Make Lateral Moves:

It is not uncommon for top tier associates to make a lateral move within their first 6 years in practice.  Much evolves and solidifies personally and professionally during this window.

Here are the most common reasons our associate candidates provide for making a lateral move:

  1. I want to move to another city to be closer to my family/parents/friends.
  2. I am now engaged and my future spouse is in another city/state. I need to move there.
  3. My career goals have evolved and are not attainable within my present law firm.
  4. My spouse accepted a position or graduate school post in another city/state and we need to move there.
  5. My present law firm has gone through unexpected changes and/or restructuring and, as a result, is no longer the right fit for me.
  6. We want to raise our children in a city/state that will be a better place for them to grow up.
  7. I want to live in a city that meets my own lifestyle better (more outdoors activities, better weather, lower cost of living, stronger legal community/career opportunities, etc.).
  8. My present law firm did not provide what I expected them to (or what was promised) and, unfortunately, this means I need to make a change.

Challenges and Solutions in Geographic Relocation:

Geographic relocation of associates presents unique challenges.  Legal Ease has two decades of experience gaining expertise and effective solutions to all of them.

Here are the most common challenges to associate geographic relocation:

  1. A new market is often less amenable to non-local candidates and non-local experience.
  2. A new market is not able to fully appreciate out of state background with out of state law firms.
  3. The new legal market may be largely unknown to you. How can you effectively get to know the truth of each law firm/department you may hope to consider there?
  4. Licensing issues – how important are they to hiring firms within the new market?  How do you best address them?
  5. Timing!  When, and how precisely, should you present yourself to law firms in your new target city and to which prospective law firms? How tight and/or competitive is the new market?  Are opportunistic submissions a viable option or are you limited to posted openings only?  Is it reasonable to expect to be able to move within your ideal move timeframe, or will you need to consider more flexibility on your move date in order to join the best firm for you long-term. move date?
  6. What are the best interviewing and resume content/submission strategies within a new market?
  7. How does one best convey their level of commitment to making a permanent move to the new market (which is always important)?

How to Land the BEST New Job Possible for Yourself

After a decision to make a lateral move is made by an associate, the task for us becomes singular.  Namely, ensuring your move is the most successful one possible.

A lateral move for any reason, and whether local or geographic, ideally presents an opportunity for you to move “up”, not down or “over”.  What “up” means is, of course, highly individual.  It could be greater business development support, increased compensation, decreased billable hours, better geographic location, improved practice/work, superior firm culture or structure, greater partnership potential, more flexibility or autonomy, etc.

It is critical to us to become crystal clear regarding what you, individually, most seek to attain in your next position, and equally important, what you may wish to avoid. These are the factors which, in the end, define the success of your search result.  Thus, we honor your search preferences and criteria to a tee; a fact much appreciated by the associates with whom we work.

Once we understand you, your background, and your specific search goals and preferences, we then work closely with you to develop a search plan which will yield your best possible result.  We frequently offer our professional advice to candidates when believe it will be helpful to them as we move through their search plan.

Often, for instance, we find resume revisions are essential to achieving the most successful outcome for a given associate.  After 20 years in the field of high-end associate placement, we know just how effective even small changes to this key document can be.  We also provide expertise on strategic timing, order of operations, opportunistic profiling viability, the realities of how associates are viewed by hiring law firms in the search process, interview tips, reference recommendations and offer review and response input when requested, etc.

Legal Ease commits to reviewing all new associate openings in the target market(s) of each of the associate candidates with whom we work daily. We carefully assess these for true potential fit, actively ruling on point opportunities out if they do not match the express goals of our candidate.

We are renown for our professionalism and ethical search industry practices by both candidates and, importantly, the hundreds of law firms we present candidates to.  These firms recognize that a candidate coming to them from us will be one worth their serious consideration.

All of the above combines to accomplish precisely what you seek – a lateral search which lands you the best job possible, for you, whether in your currently locale or a new city/state.


If you are a qualified associate interested in a potential lateral move, please email our Placement Director, Lynda Jonas, Esq. in strict confidence at

It is helpful for your initial inquiry email to include the following:

  • A link to your current law firm bio, the name of your present law firm or a copy of your resume;
  • Basic information about the reasons for your interest in a lateral move/your primary goals;
  • The city(ies) you are targeting;
  • A personal email address;
  • A brief description of where you are, presently, in your search process; and
  • Your ideal move date or range.

We look forward to learning more about your particular circumstances and goals.